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Savings on legal expenses 50%

Each leader, forming and allocating a budget for legal support and protection should be confident in their effectiveness. Jurisprudence in something similar to medicine. Everyone intuitively understands that the most talented gynecologist is unlikely to be able to put a seal on the tooth well, although both, in fact, doctors. A full-time attorney specializing in the verification of current contracts hardly owns all the nuances of international law or will be able to speak worthily in arbitration.

More than 1,700 litigations.

It is for this reason, even if your organization has its own legal department, its own resources and qualifications may not be enough to solve all the issues. We have a sufficient staff of specialized specialists with extensive experience, because we constantly face a variety of tasks and know how to avoid problems.

Increase the legal protection of the company more than 87%

An important factor is the economic component. The costs and expenses for a full-time lawyer are much higher, the cost of our company's services, while the experience and professionalism of our lawyers is always higher than full-time specialists.

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