Exclusive legal approach.

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Faber & Case Ltd.

A small international law firm represented in four countries: Great Britain, America, France and Russia. The firm is formed as a result of the unification of several experienced lawyers from different countries and begins its history from England. The company's experience is significant and includes various practices.


The purpose of creating a company is legal protection and business support. The company is family-owned, this ensures a reliable preservation of traditions and quality of services. Also one of the important facts is the observance of complete confidentiality of work with the client. The practice of working in different jurisdictions and countries allows our lawyers to provide the necessary legal services quickly and efficiently.

Faber & Case

We introduce unique technologies of legal service


Savings on legal expenses 50% Each leader, forming and allocating a budget for legal support and protection should be confident in their effectiveness.


More than 1,700 litigations. It is for this reason, even if your organization has its own legal department, its own resources and qualifications may not be enough to solve all the issues.


Increase the legal protection of the company more than 87% You can choose any other package or service based on your needs or need.