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Experience, qualification, optimization.

1. Services of a team of qualified lawyers who have considerable experience in all areas of law and are constantly upgrading their skills.

2. Save up to 50% of the funds spent for the legal department, due to the absence of spending on tax deductions, rent, equipment, office and other social guarantees for employees.

Non-standard approach and forecasting.

3. We work on the lead, predicting potential threats and eliminating the risk of problems. It is not profitable for our clients to face difficulties, therefore we ensure the protection of our clients' interests, even before the negative development of events.

4. Not the template ways to solve your problems in the shortest time, we prefer to act non-standard.

Quality assurance and control.

5. Guarantees that we will perform the work completely, in contrast to a full-time lawyer who can get sick, go on vacation, and even completely switch to another job, taking with him your trade secret.

6. Full control over the progress of work and evaluation of its result.

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Main activities

The basic directions of work of our firm are: Protection of the interests of our clients in the courts of England, Russia, the United States of America and France; Legal support of business (legal service);

London office
Head of practice Sergei Bykov
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